grownuplulluby was like: I hope the hospital treats you well! All my wishes for your recovery. Just remember: you are strong, you are brave, you can do anything you set your mind to, and you are beautiful. <3 

And you’re just amazing. :) thank you so much.

hellisblue was like: I was searching pro-ana sights to see how far I've come. I used to really hate life- I was angry and sad, all the time. Today I was looking at these pictures, realizing I am no longer a vibrational match to any of the misery and sadness that used to be my life. I'm SO much happier and healthier than I used to be. then I saw your post about being hospitalized. I'm sorry. I am sending you tons of luck, strength, and courage. Know that you are perfect, and life can be REALLY awesome if you allow it 

Thank you sweetheart. It’ll be a long process, but I’m hoping to get better and maybe start getting skinny the healthy way.

bestrongbeautylove-deactivated2 was like: Hey i need help. I wanna be skinny but nothing work. My weight isn't normal anymore. And now i wanna ask you how i can lost weight. Have you any tips for me? I'm for ana. Sorry for my bad english. And please answer it private. 

I haven’t lost any weight in such a long time. I have no tips, I’m sorry. I’m failing myself, so it’s impossible to help anyone else.

bluejayway97 was like: Why did you burn yourself?.. Can I help you feel better? 

I was just really angry. I’ve been so overwhelmed since I was first hospitalized 2 weeks ago. And I’m leaving for treatment on Monday, so my stress levels are through the roof right now. I’m okay as of today though :) thank you darling.

people-are-crazzy was like: You are worth staying alive you have future so look forward to it okay? No matter what happens you'll be okay in the end it may not happen now but soon it will in time I promise <3 

This means so much to me. I love you! Thank you darling.

grownuplulluby was like: Be good to yourself and stay strong! You're a sweet girl and we all care about you <3 

"Be good to yourself" I’ve never ever heard someone say that to me. Thank you so much babydoll. It means a lot for you to send me this message. It’s just such a struggle. 

"And the sad thing is that I’d rather be shot or in a car wreck. That way my family wouldn’t be ashamed to find out that I had done it myself."

Me. (via impossibletofixaheart)

When I said this, I’m not even sure I really meant it. I can confirm that today I absolutely completely mean it. Everytime I get in the car I think about just letting go of the wheel and letting my car drift into the next lane. It would be head on. I wouldn’t feel it and it would be instant. But I can’t do that. I can’t be selfish and take someone else’s life in the process of trying to take my own. 

The day that I burned myself for the first time.